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Dimension Data employees join the fight against blood cancer

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Dimension Data employees join the fight against blood cancer

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Dimension Data employees and DKMS Africa have partnered to educate and create awareness about blood stem cell donation to help the fight against blood cancers and blood disorders such as leukaemia, aplastic anaemia and sickle cell disease amongst others, through the recruitment of blood stem cell donors and maintenance of a registry of potential committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving blood stem cell transplant.

Axola needs a blood stem cell donor

18-year-old Axola's life has been turned upside down following being diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disorder - severe aplastic anaemia, a condition whereby bone marrow fails to produce enough blood cells.

Please help Axola and the many others with life threatening blood disorders by registering to become a blood stem cell donor.

Join us by clicking on the link below and becoming a life saver.

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You provide hope. We cover the rest.

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There are many ways to get involved and support our mission.
You could be raising awareness, join the registry, hosting your own event, taking on a fundraising challenge, or anything in between.