Bianca needs a blood stem cell transplant

UWA and DKMS: Together against blood cancer

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UWA and DKMS: Together against blood cancer

The Umhlanga Women’s Association (UWA) was initiated as a measure of support to the community of Umhlanga.

The UWA, a non-profit organisation, is a concept that was built on the narrative of connecting, sharing, and thriving. The UWA is a collective of empowered women from all walks of life, showing support to women and being a constant reminder of the strength that women bring.

Bianca needs a blood stem cell donor

Bianca (26) from KwaZulu-Natal was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (a type of blood cancer). The outgoing second-year Sports Massage Therapy student was diagnosed after she discovered a lump on her body. As a result of her illness, she’s had to close down her small business due to months of hospitalisation. Bianca is now in need of a blood stem cell donor so she can get a second chance at life.

“I was traumatised and I couldn’t even cry. It was only when I stepped outside the hospital that a wave of emotion hit me and I just broke down,” she shares. A lover of the outdoors, exercising, and walking her dog, she can no longer do these because of the physical strain and the impact of undergoing continuous treatment.

This young entrepreneur remains confident and positive that someone out there will be her match and give her a chance in life. Her plea is simple; “This is not a choice that any of us made, but you have a choice, to give someone their future back by donating your blood stem cells.”

By registering you can help Bianca and many blood cancer patients like her.

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