Set up or support virtual donor drives and save lives

Set up or support virtual donor drives

Every new registrant could be a patient's match.

Our interactive virtual donor drives houses online events initiated by individuals, sports clubs, universities and companies to engage their personal network of potential lifesavers. You can also become an initiator yourself by creating your own drive - no matter which individual idea you have!

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Donor Recruitment Team

Why we need your support

  • Only 25% of patients find a matching donor within their family. 75% of patients who need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant rely on finding an unrelated donor.
  • Over 50k people die from blood cancer every year

Numbers behind our work

  • Each year, DKMS processes more than 254,000 stem cell donations worldwide
  • In 2022 we are set to facilitate our 100,000th patient receiving a lifesaving transplant from a blood stem cell donor
  • Nearly 360,000 people around the globe already support DKMS as volunteers

Help us to register even more lifesavers
We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the register so that everyone who needs a blood stem cell donor can find their match.