Support our fight against blood cancer

DKMS Notebook and pen

Become a student ambassador and volunteer with DKMS to save lives!

We are always looking for young people to support our fight against blood cancer.

Students, school classes, and teachers can also organize a donor drive together with us at their school outside of the school project as well. We can only conquer blood cancer if giving life catches on!

Zainab – The University of Bradford


"Blood cancers can affect anyone therefore the fight against it should be everyone’s. Unlike many other cancers, blood cancer already has a cure which is stem cell transplants. It is unfortunate that despite this, there are few registered donors which has led to more deaths than necessary. I became a student ambassador for DKMS because I want to raise awareness and increase the number of registered stem cell donors who can potentially help save a life. I hope this cause becomes as important to you as it is to me. Remember... every little helps!"

Lewis – Student Union President – Worcester University


“My friend was diagnosed with Leukaemia, so we started raising money for the Charity and I, along with many others, joined the blood stem cell UK register. After my stem cell donation I didn’t want to stop being involved with the Charity and I realised that University was a great place to get people involved…overall it was a very successful and rewarding experience”

Become a student ambassador and volunteer with DKMS to save lives!

Help us to register even more lifesavers
We’d love it if you could help us to get more people on the register so that everyone who needs a blood stem cell donor can find their match.
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