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Noshile needs you!

Completely out of nowhere, our beautiful, full of life, sporty and happy daughter Noshile was diagnosed with a serious blood disease called Aplastic Anaemia. 

In June, a large bruise appeared on 15-year-old Noshile's leg. After an initial dose of antibiotics, thinking it was an infection, Drs took her blood to be tested. Her bloodwork came out very worrying. Her red and white blood cells and her platelets were all extremely low - after several marrow and bone biopsies she was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anaemia (AA), in simple terms bone marrow failure. Her own immune system is attacking her healthy cells. The cause is very often unknown, as with Noshile.

The only cure for AA is a bone marrow transplant (also called stem cell transplant). Unlike blood, stem cells/marrow needs to be as close to your DNA, ethnic background as possible; preferably a sibling. Unfortunately as Noshile was adopted, we have no information on her biological family or background. Therefore, our search has started for a bone marrow match from an unknown donor.

The search for a donor is a world wide one but no match has yet been found. Our best chances for finding a match, will be in Africa. There is a misunderstanding as to how easy a test is and how, with minor discomfort, you could save a life.

Our hope is, with increasing awareness, many people will come forward to be tested and therefore increase Noshile's chance, and numerous others suffering from a life threatening blood disorder, in finding a match and saving her life.

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