Patient Services

Patient Resources and Programs

We want to help every blood cancer patient in need. Dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders, we want to give as many patients as possible a second chance at life.

Patient Support Fund

This is a programme we have developed to boost access to transplantation for patients as well as cover any unrelated donor costs.

State Patient Programme

We have launched a programme to support patients in state health facilities by funding transplant-related costs.

Free Family Typing

We offer, globally, free HLA typing tests for family members at no cost.

Free Search Requests

All search requests are free with no administration or professional costs.

High-Resolution Typing

At DKMS Life Science Lab (LSL) we conduct NGS high-resolution HLA tissue typing for all DKMS Africa donors, which is inclusive of any additional costs in the process of identifying a donor match for a patient.

Access to Transplantation

We provide preferential pricing at our transplant centers for DKMS donors from all entities. This provides the transplant physician with a choice of the best donors from both our local and international databases at similar costs.


We are dedicated to educating and recruiting potential donors as well as providing educational material to aid your transplant journey.

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