About DKMS

DKMS charter

The DKMS charter is the heart of our organisation and guides the conduct of all our staff in the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders.

Our organisation’s business activities include providing support for people who, as a result of having blood cancer or a blood disorder, need help, the advancement of public healthcare, and the development of science and research. This includes:

1. Recruitment of informed volunteers who are prepared to donate bone marrow or blood stem cells for the purpose of transplants;

2. Development and maintenance of systems to simplify and accelerate the search for donors among this group of volunteers and in international donor groups, with the aim of finding compatible donors for blood stem cell transplants;

3. Exploring the effectiveness of hematopoietic stem cell transplants with unrelated donors as well as test methods for histocompatibility and donor motivation;

4. Personal care of blood cancer patients, with the aim of providing individual support to help them cope with problems of day-to-day life in hospital;

5. Involvement in the selection of donors for blood cancer patients as well as procuring and providing cells for transplantation;

6. Procurement of funds to pass on to other bodies working for the selfless support for people whose poor physical condition makes them dependent on assistance; the advancement of public healthcare; or the furtherance of science and research.

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