About DKMS

Our Mission & Impact

Our organisation is dedicated to the fight against life-threatening blood disorders and blood cancers.


Our organisation is dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. We create awareness, recruit blood stem cell donors to provide people with a second chance at life, raise funds to cover donor registration costs, and support the improvement of blood cancer therapies through our own research.

We also support patients from day one of their diagnosis, providing family and friends with a positive way to get involved by organising bone marrow donor drives that can enhance your donor search, rally community support and provide hope.

What we do

We raise awareness of blood cancer and blood disorders and treatments.

  • We recruit stem cell donors to give those in need of a stem cell donation a second chance at life.
  • We engage the public as well as companies to organise donor registration events.
  • We raise funds to increase both the size and diversity of the worldwide pool of available stem cell donors.
  • We help to improve blood cancer treatment – through our own research and state-of-the-art technology in our laboratory.
  • We maintain our donor relationship from day one of registration until stem cell donation.

Our organisational values

We motivate people to register as a stem cell donor to give a second chance to life to patients with blood cancer worldwide.

At DKMS Africa, we are driven by inclusiveness and a sense of pride in our mission. We respect the diverse work culture and the varied perspectives of our employees, stakeholders, donors, supporters and anyone who volunteers in helping blood cancer patients in South Africa. Because we believe in the quality of work that can be achieved by new and creative ideas. Compassion knows no geographical boundaries and we try to instill this as the core idea in our hearts which helps us to expand our global reach!


We communicate clearly and comprehensively, act consistently and make decisions in such a way that they are clear.


We are open to feedback, changes, other opinions and new ideas. Our actions and thinking are transparent. We share knowledge with each other and inform others about it when this is not possible at the moment.


We are forward-thinking. We see opportunities and seize them, even in the face of resistance. We play to our strengths and use them wisely to fulfil our mission. At the same time, we are always evolving and happy to venture onto new ground.


Our mutual interaction is characterized by appreciation, fairness and respect. We act predictably and thoughtfully.


We seek diversity in our staff and actively engage with multiple cultures in the community. As we all know - Blood cancer does not differentiate and at DKMS Africa, every life counts. Our journey in Africa, which has diverse ethnic heritages and values all over the country, can be propelled to the foreseen success, only if our pool itself has diverse individuals, who would, in turn, represent this vast continent.

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