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DKMS Registry - Finding the best possible match

DKMS has been operating as a donor registry since 2015 and established the DKMS Registry in 2020.

DKMS Registry

DKMS has been operating as a donor registry since 2015 and has established the DKMS Registry in 2020 as an independent subsidiary of DKMS. At the DKMS Registry the information about the tissue characteristics of our DMKS donors from several countries are stored in pseudonymized form and made available for worldwide searches for the best possible match between donor and patient.

The international search for the best possible donor for a certain patient is a complicated process requiring a lot of laboratory and software know-how. With the support of our software, which runs searches automatically and in close cooperation with the transplantation clinics where the patients are cared for, we are searching for the most suitable donor for the patient in need of a blood stem cell transplant. We also provide donors registered with us to patients wherever they are based in the world.

In order to fulfil our mission of reliably and quickly finding a suitable donor for every patient with blood cancer and to enable a fast transplantation, DKMS donors have been made uniformly available in most countries of the world through the DKMS Registry. This means that 25% of all donors available worldwide are listed in one place via the DKMS Registry, thus making the search for donors uniform and easier in the long term. This enables us to provide even better care to patients worldwide.

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