Sunflower Day 2022

You provide hope. We cover the rest.

Sunflower Day - 16 September 2022

The Sunflower Day campaign, which is one of DKMS’s biggest fundraising and awareness raising initiatives, is centred on the sale of a multipurpose accessory called a Tube of Hope (TOPE). All funds raised goes towards helping patients, with life-threatening blood cancers and disorders like leukaemia, multiple myeloma and aplastic anaemia to name a few, in need of a life-saving blood stem cell (bone marrow) transplant and to grow our patient support programme to help patients who cannot afford the cost of transplant. Sunflower Day 2022 will be on Friday, 16 September.

United by Hope

The overarching theme of our 2022 campaign is ‘United by Hope’. The campaign encompasses what many of us feel and the expectations of our patients looking for their life-saving match. The 2022 theme, we believe, encapsulates the core values of our organisation. After two tough years United by Hope speaks to our partnership as well as the partnership with our community of patients, donors and supporters.

How can you help?

The campaign is a national integrated marketing and awareness campaign across a number of channels including traditional, online, social media, outdoor advertising, donor drives and events.

Buy a TOPE and support our cause. Retailing at Pick n Pay stores nationwide and selected independent (ICPA) pharmacies, the design is inspired by people taking action to bring hope to patients in need of a stem cell transplant and goes on sale in August.

In addition to the sale of TOPES, DKMS is urging all supporters to consider planning a mini event or fundraiser to commemorate Sunflower Day 2022 and help with much needed fundraising efforts to grow our patient support fund.

What is a TOPE

A Tube of Hope (TOPE) is an affordable, multipurpose article of clothing and can be worn as a headband, mask, scarf, cap or arm-band. Being broadly versatile, it may be used in a wide variety of sports or outdoor activities and will be available in six eye-catching colours. The TOPE offers practical functionality for the entire family and also gives wearers the opportunity to show their support for this important cause.

Spread the word

Another great way to help is to simply tell people about the stem cell registry, and encourage them to visit the DKMS website to find out more and sign up to become a blood stem cell donor. So whether you send a quick message to your family group chat, talk to your bubble on a walk, or send some emails round to colleagues - this simple action could save someone’s life in the future.

However you choose to get involved, you will be making a huge difference to people living with blood cancer and blood disorders.

We provide blood cancer patients with a second chance at life.
The vision of DKMS is to fight blood cancer. That's why we are constantly working to convince as many people as possible to join the blood stem cell register.
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There are many ways you can support DKMS and give hope to people living with blood cancer or a blood disorder.
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